The whole universe is made upon this basic principle of YIN AND YANG , the good and bad ,dark and light, fire and water,male and female and so on..! this beautiful interplay of opposite principles is what this whole universe is made of..!

We are not meant to be perfect but WHOLE..! 

yin yang

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  • Fit: Regular Fit

    Material: 100% Cotton, Bio-Washed & Pre-Shrunk
     This garment has undergone a special process that results in variations of shading and color.

    Turn Tie-Dye Garments Inside Out Before Washing.
    Hand Wash Is Preferred But Delicate Machine Cycle Can Be Used.
    Use Cold Water And Mild Detergent.
    Always Air Dry And Away From Direct Sunlight To Prevent Colors From Fading.
    Iron At Moderate Temperature.